I’m Daniel McCarthy…

And I make stuff on things. Mostly code and design stuff, and mostly for iOS things.

iOS Engineer

iOS Engineer

The code can be just as beautiful as the design. I specialize in custom UI Components, Communicating with RESTful web services, 3rd party API integration (FB, TWTR, 4SQ, etc.), building responsive interfaces, multithreading for smooth UI activity with computationally expensive tasks, etc. Also just started getting into game dev via SpriteKit.

UI & UX Designer

UI & UX Designer

The best designs make complex functionality look beautiful and foolishly simple. It's not always about being flashy. Sometimes less is more, sometimes more... is more. It's all about matching the vibe of the product. In all scenarios, two goals remain constant: Ease of use and minimizing steps.

Things I’m good at

I do my best work when I’m learning something totally new and outside my comfort zone. But here are some things I’m already rock solid with:

iOS Development

Objective-C is my weapon of choice.

UI Design

I love designing user interfaces, but I tend to go a little overboard with it... I'm a perfectionist and if something is a single pixel off, the whole thing is wrong.

User Experience

It's not all just about pretty colors and pictures. The flow of how your users interact with and experience your product is just as important as the idea of the product itself.

Mobile Game Dev

I just started messing around with SpriteKit and I'm already hooked. Expect a lot of fun games to be showing up on my Apple dev account.

Logos & Graphics

I love conceptualizing and designing logos and graphics, and I'm not terrible at it.

Product & Operations

I have 3 years of experience running everything product and operations related in a bootstrapped startup environment. When it's just 2 cofounders working out of a living room, you need to get real good at doing everything real quick.

Marketing & Brand Identity

I have a lot of experience with marketing apps and startups, as well as crafting brand identity.

Business Plans & Monetization

Making cool stuff is the best. But you also need to be smart about how that cool stuff is going to pay the bills.

My Startup & App Process

  • Step 1

    Break something

  • Step 2

    Put it back together stronger and better

  • Step 3

    Get unhealthily obsessed about it, take the updated product from step 2, and bring it back to step 1

Oh yeah…

I also used to be a professional musician and audio engineer. You can find some of my older songs on my Facebook page.

I love taking on new projects. If you’ve got a startup or an app (or an awesome idea) and need it built or updated, let’s talk.

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